About Us

Our Story

This company was started by one girl with a dream. Her name is Samantha Haase. A young, aspiring musician herself, she needed help getting into the music industry. Using connections she gained from her life experiences she worked hard to make her way into the industry. After around 8 years of securing herself as a famous musician, she decided she wanted other people to have a chance the follow their dreams as she did. Thus, this company was born. We started off small, just advertising independent artists music on social media. But as time passed and we gained popularity, we’ve been able to expand to working with social media headquarters, music agencies, and other celebrities.

Our Goals

We make a point to give anyone a chance, even if they are just coming off the street. One of our founders values is that everyone deserves a chance, so we accept consultations from anyone. However, we won’t just “make anyone famous.” Through meeting and consultations we will gauge musicians abilities and personalities to then decide if they are worthy of a chance in the music industry. As harsh as this sounds, it is necessary. Another value of our founder is integrity. We want to make sure the people we help out are good, genuine people, since the music industry can take a bad toll on people. If you are deemed “worthy” (harsh word, we know!) then we will work our hardest to not only help you improve, but get you into the industry, where you will get a chance to figure out what you’d like to do.

We have spent around 5 years supporting independent artists to grow their names and their values. Work with us, and we will help you to your dreams.